Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kom@l R!ZVi


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Komal Rizvi : uddenly appeared as a teenager musician & synergistic performer appeared on music front and was listed amongst Best Pakistani Female Pop, Bhangra & Contemporary Artists through her brisk vocals & forward looking compositions.
Komal Rizvi is one of the only few Female Artists that not only sings and writes great music but also creates fabulous fireworks and entertainment on stage with her energy packed LIVE PERFORMANCES!

Komal Rizvi spent years in Middle-East, Europe & Africa that helped her develop a diversified taste in her music. Her debut song was recorded when she was merely sixteen and the fire began. She is accredited for being the first Pakistani Female Musician whose debut album Parbath was released internationally and later endowed with National Award for Best Female Vocalist. Paying homage to her beloved country, she stirred the motion of love and peace in the goddess of Indian music channels ‘Channel V’ by her promising appearance as First Pakistani VJ on Indian turf. And released a succesful album there too called Baojee!

 Baujee girl, then, fell in hush for some time until her phenomenal comeback with her hit single CHAHIYE and Yehi Pyaar Hai….. And then
further shocked audiences with a Superhit and critically acclaimed work in Coke Studio Season 4. Now Pakistani Music Arena is echoing with her music and her name.

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